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The Safer Internet Center CR (SIC CZ) cooperates with a number of partners at the national, cross-border and international level in its activities. We are very happy that the activities of our prevention center, two helplines and the hotline synergistically complement the activities of other state, private and non-profit entities at home and in Europe.

The "Advisory Board" of SIC CZ is a key platform for sharing experiences, searching for synergies and mutual support. Its members are more than 30 institutions, organizations and companies that have decided to devote part of their energy, enthusiasm and skills to the benefit of the Internet and safer technologies for children and adolescents. While selected activities are carried out in harmony with each other, others are at least mutually informed and we work together to bring them to the public's attention. Examples of successful cooperation are the activities held during the annual Safer Internet Day, the participation of partners in seminars and conferences organized by one of the members of the Advisory Board, the mutual sharing of capacities for the implementation of awareness-raising and educational events, or direct cooperation on specific projects and media campaigns.

Cross-border cooperation is developing with Slovakia to our great joy. We have been in regular contact since May 2022, when a seminar organised by INHOPE took place in Bratislava. We share knowledge and experience, discuss selected topics and talk about possible joint activities in the coming years. The overarching goal of SIC CZ is to help Slovak colleagues with the establishment of the Safer Internet Centre SK and its establishment in the international organisations Insafe (bringing together national SICs) and INHOPE (bringing together national hotlines).

At the international level, SIC CZ is primarily involved as a member of both the above-mentioned organizations. Together with other European and non-European Safer Internet Centers and hotlines, we regularly identify and solve current challenges in the area of a safer Internet for children and dealing with illegal content on the Internet. We are part of selected steering committees and participate in the preparation and running of major events such as the Safer Internet Forum or Safer Internet Day. An interesting experience for us is dealing with the world's leading providers of digital services and platforms, who are increasingly aware of the need to set up and secure their solutions so that they become comfortable and safe for children and young people. Last but not least, we try to contribute to the process of preparing selected national and European legislation.

In general, it is good to see that the issues of safe use of modern technologies, spreading awareness about the challenges of the digital world or media and digital education resonate across society and we can, together with others, further develop them for the benefit of our children and adolescents.

We would like to thank all partners for their cooperation in such an important topic as the safety of children and young people on the Internet.

If you are interested in cooperation or consulting on the activities you are considering, please do not hesitate to contact

Members of the Safer Internet Center

In addition to operating the .CZ domain name registry, securing the operation and development of the Czech top-level domain, the CZ.NIC Association also engages in research, education and awareness-raising activities.

One World in Schools is one of the educational programs of People in Need. We have been contributing since 2001.

The mission of the Safety Line is to provide quality and easily accessible help to children, students and everyone, they act in their interest.

It provides crisis intervention and counseling for clients from all over the Czech Republic via phone, chat and email.

They support us

NÚKIB is the central administrative body for cyber security, including the protection of classified information in the field of ICT and cryptographic protection. It is also dedicated to prevention, education and methodical support. It develops e-learning courses, creates and participates in educational and educational activities and campaigns.

Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic is the central body of state administration. The office performs tasks related to the professional, organizational and technical security of the activities of the government of the Czech Republic and its bodies.

Police Presidium of the Czech Republic

The Office of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic deals, among other things, with methodical and coordination activities in the area of moral crimes committed in cyberspace and the evaluation of reports delivered from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Regions for Safe Internet (KPBI)

The Regions for Safe Internet project is implemented under the auspices of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic with the aim of increasing awareness of the risks of the Internet and the possibilities of prevention. As part of the project, we prepare e-learning courses, videos, podcasts, competitions or worksheets for pupils, teachers, parents, seniors and experts.

Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

In the field of prevention, education and awareness, the Department of Crime Prevention of the Ministry of Interior regularly actively participates not only in long-term campaigns with a nationwide reach, such as Safer Internet Day or cyber security month, but also supports prevention and awareness in the area of cybercrime in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic in sub-projects , as well as creating or expanding supporting preventive educational materials.

E-safety project

E-Safety is a national project focused on prevention, intervention and research in the field of risky behavior in the online environment. It focuses on cyberbullying, cybergrooming, sexting, dangerous challenges, risks of social networks, and in recent years has also been actively involved in strengthening the media literacy of pupils and teachers.

O2 Smart school

The primary goal of the project, which was launched by the O2 Foundation in 2018, is to support awareness and education in the area of healthy use of digital technologies, Internet safety, online and media literacy. The O2 Smart School portal offers information and methodical materials primarily for teachers, but also for parents, tutors working with children, etc.

National Headquarters against Organized Crime

The National Headquarters against Organized Crime deals within its jurisdiction with a wide range of criminal activities committed in cyberspace, especially in the field of cryptocurrencies, where it has a methodological function within the Police of the Czech Republic, or, for example, investment fraud or human trafficking.

In 2019, we founded the Meet the Media project. Its goal is to educate teachers in the field of media literacy in the long term. We have created methodologies and teaching materials that teachers will be able to use in their lessons with their pupils and students.


DigiKoalice is a joint platform of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Czech Republic and the NPI of the Czech Republic, which connects the world of schools and ICT in digital education with a focus on the development of digital skills of children and adults. DigiKoalice is also part of the European network of national digital coalitions. As part of our activities, we deal with a number of topics, including prevention in the online space, when we launched a cyber prevention catalog on our website.